Leadership Connections is The Chamber Foundation’s student mentorship program partnering exclusively with Poughkeepsie High School. This program gives an opportunity for Poughkeepsie High School juniors and seniors to build connections with business professional mentors in the local community. The goal of Leadership Connections is to provide each student with out-of-the- classroom experiences that broadens thinking, builds confidence, and develops personal and professional habits benefitting the student well beyond his/her high school years. Mentors are paired with two or three students

Leadership Connections’ sessions are held once a month, October - May. Sessions include team building, giving back to the community, health and wellness, college campus tours, business education, career pathway opportunities, and much more. During their time together, team building, creativity, life learning, and stepping outside of comfort zones is encouraged within each mentorship pairing. Leadership Connections runs in conjunction with the Career Action Center Intensive Mentoring Program in which students are coached throughout the academic year regarding academic, career, and employment-related goals.

Leadership Connections is free and funded in part by the New York State OCFS and Dutchess County Division of Youth Services.

Additional Support Provided by: Royal Carting Service Company & The Dyson Foundation.